Latest KAB version 2.1 - 26 Aug 2020

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Hi! lan_McQuay!
I wonder if we have also KAB support for IOS? it would be awesome.
or are you guy on the way to support KAB for IOS?

Best Regard- Mayrich

At the moment there is no iOS support. You can use the Keyman app for iOS. It is just not localized for one language.

I am checking on plans. Nothing I can read, says it is in planning,

We don’t have plans to implement this for iOS.

It is quite difficult to get apps accepted for the App Store, As a KAB app would only install one or a few keyboards, it would not likely pass the store’s features criterion.

Use Keyman, SIL has made it free.

@Ian_McQuay, How about Windows phone? I know someone that this keyboard will be useful to, but he uses Windows phone.

Windows phone technology came and failed to gain significant market share. As there are few devices with this OS, and the numbers decreasing, we have no plans to support it.

Sorry, we can’t do everything people want us to do.

Noted. Thanks @Ian_McQuay

KAB version 2.1 released, replacing 2.0.1