Create Apps with names in the local language, Aeneas synchronization issues

I’d like to be able to create Apps with names in the local language. When special characters can’t be used, we are forced to write the language with bad orthography or switch to a French app project name, which is not ideal.

SAB and RAB both allow me to create apps using names with special characters, but then I run into problems when using aeneas to synchronize the audio timing files. Here is an example error that I get:

[ERRO] Unable to create file ‘D:\andyw\Documents\App Builder\Reading Apps\App Projects\Suu?le k?d?m?\Suu?le k?d?m?_data\timings\C01-01-B001-01-timing.txt’
[ERRO] Make sure the file path is written/escaped correctly and that you have write permission on it.

Those question marks in the file path should be showing up with these special characters: \App Projects\ Suúle kʊdɔḿ\Suúle kʊdɔḿ_data \timings
As I understand that file path is created because I named the app Suúle kʊdɔḿ

@chrisvire , I originally posted this in a separate thread but I realize now that part of my post is a feature request. That is unless someone can explain a work around for this issue.

Hi Andy,

The use of special characters in the app name (what the user sees) and the project name are two very different things. Those using SAB will need to limit themselves to project names that are “bad orthography”, or something that communicates to them in French or whatever (but still works with Aeneas), but the app name that the user sees (under the icon) can include characters in the local orthography. It’s a similar thing with the package name, but the package name is even more limited - no capital letters, no spaces, no special characters. But not that you can use more than 4 “words” separated by periods in the package name, to be more speciific, e.g.


Hope that helps,

In a separate post it was suggested that I ensure that the Command Prompt is using Active code page: 65001 so that it correctly reads my UTF-8 Unicode file names.

It would be helpful if RAB and SAB had more detailed in-app instructions or if field labels would indicate where Unicode characters can or cannot be used when we are setting up new apps. Tell me if this understanding is correct, about when special characters are allowed:

  1. Project Name - RAB and SAB will create file folders using this name, so it’s best to avoid special characters (even though RAB and SAB do allow special characters it’s not recommended since some computers will have issues with Aeneas or other functions which use the Command Prompt.)

  2. App Name - Special characters are encouraged here and will be displayed under the app icon. Note, in some contexts app creators may select to use the national language if end users might understand it more easily, or if local language constructions are not conducive to abbreviated app names.

  3. Package Name and APK Name - Avoid special characters, these are normally not visible to users unless distributed on SD cards, in any case these names are limited to only standard characters. Users who download from an App store will not normally see the Package or APK name. Use enough detail so that people not familiar with the language will have an idea what the app is, including organization, country/language, genre, script (for example

@Ian_McQuay does this about match your naming experience?

That looks like a fair summary to me…