Comic book feature

I would love to see comic books created in Bloom. Although they are demanding in terms of illustrations, they provide a way of telling stories with just a few words – or none at all. It seems to me it would require a selection of new page templates and the ability to create talk boxes which contain text.

Some steps towards this have already been taken. If you right click on a picture, one option is “Add Text Box to Image” which gives you a moveable, resizable box where you can type text over the picture.

Much more is needed for fully developed comics, but it’s a start.

Our team is already very busy building Bible Comics in Bloom.

Here’s a list of features that we would love to see added to Bloom;

1.) Easy way of changing the background color of cover and inside pages.
2.) Ability to choose a font color.
3.) Ability to add text in speech balloons.
4.) Ability to highlight text at phrase level instead of sentence level.
5.) Ability to change highlighting color. (Yellow highlighting on white text makes it hard to read.)

The team put about 3 months of work into making it easy and even fun to make nice looking comics in Bloom. I think it turned out pretty great.

This is available now, @Hazel, so I hope we see some neat books comic book from you soon!

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