Attempting to change the name of a file in Windows 10 locks the Alt key

This applies even if you do not press or interact in any way with the Alt key during the process. This happens with both personally made keyboards and with public keyboards, namely Arabic Phonetic (SIL). When I try to rename any file, the Alt key becomes “stuck”, meaning that if I were to, for example, go to Firefox and attempt to type “f”, it would instead open the File menu, as “Alt+F” is the keybind assigned to that menu. Pressing Alt fixes the issue, but will not prevent it from happening again.

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A diagnostic report of when the issue happens may help the developer to dig into the root cause.

Just in case, here is how to send a diagnostic report to Keyman Support.

I’ve had issues with capslock being stuck when keyman is running. No way to unlock it unless I close Keyman.
This happened when I use built-in Windows keyboards.


Hi @HappyHippo77, could you try the fix documented at Bug with left-alt - #4 by Marc (make sure you are running 14.0.291 or later) and let us know how you go?

I forgot to check to the replies. It was somehow fixed by restarting. Thanks though!

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