API level 30 (Android 11) required

Hi there, we are developing an Android app, using the Reading App Builder (RAB), to document the nahuatl spoken in Puebla, México on 2 of its variants: náhuatl central de Puebla (ncx), and náhuatl del norte de Puebla (ncj). You can download it from here.

The issue is that on our last releases, the Google Play Console has been warning us about migrating from Android 10 (API level 29) to Android 11 (API level 30), and supposedly we have till November, as a deadline for updates, to migrate.

We downloaded the RAB software very recently from this page, according to this instructions, to see if it happened because we were using a previous version of the RAB; but even with its latest release, we still don’t reach the desired APP level, as the Android SDK Packages option reports this:

  • Build Tools 29.0.3.
  • Platform Tools 31.0.2.
  • Platform API Android 10 (API 29).

Can you help us with the issue?, so we can continue releasing new updates of our app; because as we lack the proper programing skills to develop an app from scratch, we heavily rely on the RAB to continue the project Nahuablante.

Thanks in advance

Lizett Perez Castro.


Puebla, México.

@Proyecto_Hunab_Ku we are working on that now. Keep watch on the downloads page or an update on Latest RAB version 8.6.6 - 4 June 2021