Angular + keyman for web with ckEditor

Can someone please provide a working sample of keyman with Angular 12 ? Help will be really appreciated.
I have tried taking the reference of Setup On-Screen Keyboards in Over 1,000 Languages Using Keyman 11 in an Angular 7 web app | by Jacob Bowdoin | Medium but this is not working for me.
Getting following errors while using it.

Marc Durdin, do you have any ideas on this? I too am needing to implement Keyman in an Angular site.

Those errors are your local development server returning the wrong MIME types for certain files, possibly because you haven’t setup your paths for KeymanWeb, so it’s referring to files that don’t exist.

@JacobBowdoin’s example project in Angular 7 does cover all this; for example:

      attachType: 'manual',
      ui: 'button',
      resources: 'assets/keymanweb',

Note the resources reference to 'assets/keymanweb' where you should have placed the KeymanWeb files.

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I’d be following @JacobBowdoin’s blog linked in @vinod83k’s post – it covers pretty much all the bases!

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Thanks @Marc for your response. After applying correct references, I was able to resolve those errors.
Able to view the keyman button as well but on clicking on it, it’s NOT opening the keyboard.
And Does keyman works with CKEditor ? If yes, could you please provide some references as how I can integrate keyman with CKEditor?

A very basic sample of integration with CKEditor is available at:

Also see Keyman web with ckEditor - #9 by Marc