Ability to add pre-recorded audio files

I would like to have the ability to drag a pre-recorded audio file onto a page so I can use audio from other sources (professionally recorded clips). It this feasible and possible?

While you’re waiting, there is a complicated way to do this, here

This feature has also been requested by some teams in Indonesia

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I have some studio-level recordings of the Kande story in the Turka language, as well as some other materials. So, I just voted for this feature too.

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The addition of this feature would be really helpful. We have a number of teams in Indonesia who would like to make talking books using high-quality recordings they’ve already made of oral Bible stories they’ve crafted. Ideally the whole file (MP3, Wav or whatever) could be imported and then split to correspond with the various utterances throughout the book.

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The ability to import audio is now available for testing in the Alpha (not yet beta). If anyone would like to make use of it now, please let me know.

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Hi john, we have been using studio recorded audio mp3 imported and splitting for each sentence in Bloom (tedious dummy recording and renaming). So if a whole book can be recorded at once and can be imported we are interested.

Hi John,
I’d be happy to give the Alpha version a test, although I likely won’t have time to do so until after the 24th of November. So, if you’d like to shoot me a download link later this week or sometime next week, I’ll download it and give it a try. Thanks to those working on Bloom for helping address this feature request.


So if a whole book can be recorded at once and can be imported we are interested.

This feature request was for one audio file per page (for simple books). Then Bloom can try to figure out what text goes with what sentences. Especially with non-latin scripts like the one you work with, that later step may require teaching the underlying Aeneas engine to pronounce the language. If that seems like a strange thing to do, it’s because Aeneas has to pronounce the text on the page to itself so that it can then compare those sounds with the sounds in your file. Then it can figure out where the sentence breaks are. Aeneas doesn’t need to pronounce it well though because no one will ever hear it. It just needs to pronounce it well enough to find the sentence boundaries.

I’ll email you with more info.

By the way, if someone was inspired to make a how-to video on importing/splitting audio in Bloom, that would be a super helpful contribution!

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Hi!, we have developed some audio books on the Bloom Alpha Version and it worked well for Devnagari Script (Nepali). By the way we are thinking of uploading these books in Bloom library in the ePUB format, but as of my understanding only the .PDF form would be available in the Bloom library after it is uploaded. Anyway to have the .ePUB version in the library?

All newly-uploaded books will have epub and other artifacts available for download as well as being readable online.
Some epubs are not made available automatically if the book is complex enough that we think the epub layout will not look good. In that case, the uploader can manually choose to show it on bloomlibrary.org.

If you would like to discuss this more, please start a new topic.


OK, this is done. See What's new in Bloom 4.7 Beta