Yoruba 8 keyboard is not working in Word or Google

I have been using this keyboard for years, have recommended it to others but since I have Windows 11 it has acted glitchy and now does not work in Microsoft Word or on Gmail or anywhere else I might want to use it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Keyman as well as the Yoru[ba] 8 keyboard. At this moment the keyboard is on in the taskbar but as you can see to the left, nothing.

Is there some help for this or should I give up? A group of us were doing Yoruba together but now no one’s keyboard is working.

Hello @omitade,
I have just installed Keyman Version Version 15.0.274 in Windows 11 and the Yoruba 8 keyboard. I tested the following applications Word, Gmail, Notepad and a Firefox text input field. They all work.
I’m not sure if the image you refer to was referring to the keyman icon not showing “Y” for Yoruba being selected, as in the screenshot I have provided. From what you suggest it seems the Yoruba keyboard is not loaded correctly when selecting Yoruba from the language input menu in the taskbar.

Can you try restarting Windows. [ and starting Keyman and selecting Yoruba ]
Let us know how you go.


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