Yiddish Pasekh working wrong in Chrome

Out of the blue, I’m having trouble with the Yiddish Pasekh keyboard when using Chrome browser. On most webpages, it types fine, but the backspace key either doesn’t work or has to be pressed multiple times just to back up one space. When using Chrome’s find-on-page tool, some letters either won’t type, or they disappear after I type another letter. Same backspace problem. I don’t have these issues in any other app on my computer. It works perfectly everywhere but Chrome.

I have a Dell Latitude using Windows 10 Pro, v. 2004, OS build 19041.508

Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the community, @astrojet990!

It must be Monday morning. You are not the first person to report this issue; I have just reproduced it on my computer. It looks like Chrome 86.0 was rolled out and introduces a regression with the Backspace key. You can follow this issue at Backspace, Chrome 86 and Keyman

Please do go through and vote for the Chromium issue if this impacts you!

Thanks so much Marc for all your hard work on this! I looked for a place to vote but couldn’t find anything. Do I need to be signed in to an account? In any case, glad to hear that a fix is coming soon.

Yes, you would to be signed into a Google account in order to ‘star’ or vote for the issue. I’m not sure when the fix will land.

Good news: a Chrome update fixing this problem has arrived; see Backspace, Chrome/Edge 86 and Keyman for details.