Yiddish glitches on mac

I used Yiddish Keyman on my PC without problems. Just switched to a MacBook Pro (running Big Sur, 11.6.8) and I am getting weird random glitches. For example, if I try to type רײ, I might instead get רערײ. This can happen while I am typing in a google document, or when I am trying to type a word in verterbukh.org, but it is not at all consistent. I can try typing the same word several times and each time get a different extra letter (or two) inserted at the front of the word–or it may work just fine. Any advice would be welcome.

Is this happening in Chrome? If so, it might be related to the following issue which we are currently investigating: bug(mac): backspace not working as expected in Google Chrome · Issue #7526 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub

hmmm… Yes, it is happening in Chrome (I haven’t had occasion to use the Keyman keyboard in other apps). I hadn’t noticed any connection to using the backspace key, but I suppose it is possible…

Backspace is used internally to transform text as you type so the issues may be visible even if you are not pressing backspace yourself.

Hi Marc, I was still having problems with glitches when using Keyman to type Yiddish in chrome, so I just decided to experiment with using Safari instead. Alas, I am seeing the same behavior. I am no computer maven, but I hope someone who is can fix this because I really love (and rely on!) Keyman for Yiddish…
thanks for all your efforts, and those of others in the community!

PS–I just made an observation which might be helpful. I am seeing the glitch consistently when I type any consonant followed by the ayin/yud keys (which correspond to the e/y keys on the english keyboard). So, for example, if I type k-e-y, this should produce קײ,but instead it often produces קעקײ, or if I type r-e-y, I should get רײ, but instead get רערײ. I am also noticing that while this happens consistently in google docs, it is not happening when I am typing emails in gmail…

Thanks for the additional data – this will be helpful for tracking the cause of the problem. @shawn, FYI.

For the time being in Safari 16.1 and Chrome 108.0.5359.98 (Official Build) (x86_64) on macOS Ventura 13.0.1, Yiddish Pasekh Keyboard with Keyman 15.0.273 seems to work as expected.

key sequence expected output actual output
key קײ קײ
rey רײ רײ

The same good result for when testing with Safari 14.0.1 and Chrome 108.0.5359.98 (Official Build) (x86_64) on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 running Keyman 15.0.274.

Could you please retry and confirm whether or not the issue has been fixed for now?

I was able to reproduce the issue but only in Google Docs with macOS Monterey. I get the expected output in Safari, Google Chrome and other Apple apps.

I had deleted the keyboard and was using an alternative (klal keyboard). I just reinstalled Keyman Yiddish, and had the same experience as Shawn–it’s working fine in gmail, but unfortunately it is still having the same glitch in google docs that I had reported previously. I suppose I could do all my typing in a gmail file and then copy and paste to a google doc…

I’ve created issue #7916 to track this.