Writing Twi (language) in a word processor

Hi, everyone out there!
I’d very much like to be able to type Twi (language) in Open Office
(or some other word processor), but don’t know how to proceed.

Thanks for helping out!


Try going to keyman.com, clicking on “Keyboards” in the upper left part of the page and entering “Twi” in the search box. This should bring up a number of possibilities. It looks as though there are a number of languages that match the “Twi” search, but hopefully it will be evident to you which you need. (And some keyboards are designed to type a large number of languages.)

If this is not sufficient information, please write again!

There’s a Ghana keyboard here that claims to support the languages of Ghana: https://keyman.com/keyboards/ghana but internally it only lists support for the Hanga language. You could try it and see.

Another keyboard is here: https://keyman.com/keyboards/ghanakeyboards This one does claim to support Twi (Akan)

Neither keyboard lists the keyboard layout. You have to install the keyboard and then look at the On Screen Keyboard to see what characters it supports.