Would you include IME Korean keyboard in Keyman Android and Keyman window?

Thank you very much for making a good program first.

Tibetan and Tibetan Buddhism is now known in Korea.
So there are more and more people studying Tibetan language.

However, due to the Tibetan keyboard problem,
There are many people who use the iPhone.
This is because those who use mac can freely switch between the Korean IME keyboard and the Tibetan keyboard.

Many Android users do not have an IME Hangul Keyboard on their Android Keyman Keyboard, so they use two mobile phones

Keyman Keyboard Tibetan keyboard is very good.
However, the Keyman Korean keyboard is too difficult for Koreans to use.

Would you include IME Korean keyboard in Keyman Android and Keyman window?

Thank you for your question!

One of the reasons we have not developed a Korean IME as part of Keyman is that the system Korean IMEs work well. As you note, on iPhone, this is fine, because you can easily switch between Keyman and the system keyboards/IMEs. However, on Android, this is more of a problem, because it’s not as quick and easy to switch.

It would be great therefore to have a good Korean IME in Keyman. The existing Korean keyboards in Keyman were designed for specific needs that the system IMEs did not support, and I would agree they are not a great fit for people used to the system IMEs.

I don’t have an immediate solution! The first step would be to write a specification of how the Korean IME would work. From there, we could have a discussion on what we need to do in order to develop the IME in Keyman. Would you be willing to research a specification?

Thank you for your reply.

To be honest, I do not speak English well.

I am writing through Google Translator.
So I beg your understanding.

I want to talk like you said.
And I want to willing to research a specification.

I have a problem, I have never programmed.

Still, I would like to challenge KEYMAN Korean keyboard production.

I would appreciate it if you could let me know how I would get started.

I understand. I think you may have picked a difficult challenge! The Korean IME is complex because it uses a dictionary to help form words. I do not have a full understanding myself of what we would need in order to design and implement a Korean IME for Keyman. To start, you may find it best to document what existing Korean IMEs do and pick the parts you think are important to implement in a Keyman Korean IME.