Working with LibreOffice docs

Hi all,
Is it possible to use LibreOffice docs rather than MS Word docs for the book input? If not, are there any thoughts/plans to make this possible?

Only .docx are supported. LibreOffice has the ability to save as .docx. Why do you want us to duplicate the functionality of LibreOffice?

There are some limitation to the .docx conversion. It was designed to handle picture books. Multiple pictures on a page are not handled well. If you have a complex document you are better off in SFM/USFM or epub. HTML import does not support chapters. epub does support chapters.

Thanks for this helpful response. We are putting together some more details to help explain the ‘issue’.

Ian, we have a response which is a bit long for posting here so can you send me an email address to send to, please?

I sent my details by Private Message.