Word length in the Leveled Reader Tool

This duplicates another request thread, but I’m adding it here so that it appears separately. When creating early reading text, people often want to restrict word length, especially for languages that can have very long words. I could see this as length in characters or even as length in graphemes, if there is a decodable configuration that lists the separate graphemes (letter combinations).

To be specific, this addition would:

  • Be part of the Leveled Reader Tool
  • Offer the option of maximum length of words in characters (or graphemes) per level
  • Highlight words that exceed the maximum number of characters allowed per level.
  • This metric could use the same orange highlighting that the Tool already uses. So a highlighted word is too long in characters, a highlighted sentence is too long in words, and a page with too many words has an orange border.

We have added this to Bloom 4.9, currently in beta: