Wondering how to back up project

Hi there,
I’m wondering how the saving and backing up works. I like to back up all my files in case of computer crashes, so when I’m working in Word or something, I save a copy to Dropbox. Can I do something like that with Bloom? Or is there some built-in backup?

Yes, you can do the same sort of thing. If you right click on a book in the Collections view, one option is “open folder on disk”. The folder for that one book will be selected, and you can copy it to DropBox or wherever you like to make backups. Or, you can go up one level and backup your whole collection of Bloom books.

Our practice has been to zip the entire collection folder using 7zip and to back that up. When we anticipate backing up multiple times, we usually add the date to the beginning of the zip file name: YYYY-MM-DD so that they sort in chronological order.

Great, thank you so much!