Windows Defender? Issues

We have a Bloom workshop starting tomorrow, so the trainer has started installing Bloom on the computers. I am trying to assist through Skype.

One computer is giving some problems. It is running Windows 10.

Bloom appeared to install properly, but when it was opened a message appeared “This program cannot write to the folder C:/Users[name]\Documents. This might be caused by Windows Defender “Controlled Folder Access” or some other virus protection.”

The shortcut to Bloom on the desktop and programs menu appears for a short while, but then seems to disappear. This has happened twice.

I have already instructed her to look at the Windows Defender section in the “Installation problems” link.

Windows Defender Controlled Folder Access is turned off and Windows Defender itself is turned off too. The user account is an Administrator account.

Any suggestions?

No ideas here; something is aggressively messing with Bloom, so they’ll have to find that and turn it off.

Since you have admin privileges, you may want to install Bloom ‘for all users’; the procedure interferes with automatic updates, but it is more in line with the expectations of anti-virus systems and just might escape their interference. Instructions are at Installing and using Bloom in network environments.

I was able to recreate the issue this morning on a computer that uses
Windows Defender. (I use another anti-virus program).

With Controlled folder access turned on, I received the same error message
as this user during Bloom installation.

I turned off Controlled folder access, then tried again. I still got the
same error message.

I restarted the computer, then Bloom opened without any problems.

It looks like a restart is required after the Windows Defender changes, so
it might be good to add that to the How to Fix Installation problems

And even though it appears that the installation of Bloom fails, it is
actually installed – just unable to be opened while Controlled folder
access is turned on.


Done. Thanks.

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