Windows App Builder (WAB)


Likewise DAB, there should be an app for building scripture apps for Windows/Linux/IOS platforms.

Hope my suggestion will be considered.

Humble regards
Raja Sand

I would also appreciate this type of product for making a Windows-based dictionary app.

Yes. While preparing sermon outline in the local language, one should be able to copy and paste scripture portions instead of having to type them all through. Therefore a scripture app for desktop will be a great idea.

I believe the Windows Scripture App may already be possible through PWA (Personal Web App) technology.

Starting in SAB 7, there is support for progressive web apps (PWA). The app has to be published to an https web server before it can be installed on a desktop or mobile device. See section 22 in the Building Apps help document. We don’t have anything for Dictionary Apps.


Is there any hope for anything ever becoming available for dictionary apps in the PWA arena? I realize they are quite different from scripture apps.