Width of keys in android phone touch layout

I was prepared version 1.1 update for Malar Malayalam keyboard using Keyman Developer

malar_malayalam.kmp (767.7 KB) is the KMP file which built by Keyman Developer.

The screenshot of default phone layout in Keyman for Android is given below.

Now the Malar Malayalam Keyboard in Keyman cloud keyboard repository is also updated to the version 1.1.

Then I downloaded the KMP file from keyman website and installed in Keyman for Android. The screenshot of default phone layout is given below.

It is noted that width of key at each line end in default phone layout (only) was increased. Please compare it with first screenshot.

Is this problem related with the source code of touch layout ?

My Device: Xiaomi Redmi 8A
Android version: 9PKQ1.190319.001
Keyman version : 13.0.6214 (Android)

I can reproduce the differences you’re seeing in the touch layout.
The keyboards repo is currently using kmcomp stable.

When I updated kmcomp to stable (to match the latest Keyman Developer), the malar_malayalm touch layout was fixed.

I’ve created keyboard PR 1278 which will address this.

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This looks to be resolved with version 1.2 of malar_malayalam.

Since there’s a delay in how Keyman caches the catalog of available keyboards, it might be simpler for you to

  1. uninstall Keyman for Android
  2. reinstall Keyman for Android
  3. Install malar_malyalam

Issue solved. Thanks.

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