Why cannot I save my SA audio?

Good afternoon! I’m struggling with saving my segmentized audio in SA. Here is the error it constantly is showing to me:

where, in scare quotes, you can see the name and the address of the edited audio. I should note that the original audio is not deleted or transmitted into another folder so, theoretically, there should be no difficulties in ‘reading’ it.
Could you kindly tell me what I should do in this case?

Hi Vic,

Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry SA isn’t working for you at the moment. In order to help get this resolved for you and for other users, the best thing you can do is to develop complete reproduction steps that will generate this error. For example:

  1. Open this file (post a file for us to use)
  2. create segments by doing [keyboard action]
  3. Go to File → Save etc.

With your help, if we can reproduce it on our computers, then we have a good chance of fixing it.

I do not know why this is occurring.



Mr. Tuman,

Just as a comment, SA can open .mp3 and .wma files, but SA only saves files in the .wav format.

I can see in the image that you have a ‘psv4’ .mp3 file open and you have entered some segments and text.

In can also see in the inserted box that you are trying to open an identical ‘psv4’ file but it is in .wav format.

The error message says “Unable to read”, so I assume you want to open both versions of the file , is that correct?

2 Question:

  1. Is the .wav file in the same folder as the .mp3 file?

  2. If you Save the .mp3 version of the file, can you then open the .wav version of the file?