Which SIL IPA keyboard version should I use?


It seems that the SIL IPA keyboard that comes with Keyman 9 is quite
an old version (version 1.1.1 from 2007). This means some of the IPA
characters have old private use area code points e.g. labiodental
flap. When I go to the SIL website it says that the new IPA keyboard
version 1.4 works with Keyman version 8. Will it work with version 9
as well?


Hi Tim

Version 1.6 of the SIL IPA keyboard is available here

This will work with Keyman Desktop 9. A touch layout for mobile devices was added in version 1.6


Thanks Darcy, that seems to work. Just for info, at the time of writing now, when I go to keyman.com and search for IPA it directs me to https://secure.tavultesoft.com/ipa/?search=ipa which goes to version 1.1.1. The Beta search though does direct me to version 1.6

@Tim_Kempton, yes, new keyboards are now showing only in the beta search. This will be replacing the older search at the same time as we go live with Keyman 10 release.