Where include License of SIL 1.10

if i use a SIL 1.10 font on a website, included by @font-face, have i to include license somewhere?
And if i create an artwork with this font and then put it on a website?
Many thanks and sorry for my English

I would suggest looking at the OFL FAQ (scripts.sil.org/OFL-FAQ_web).

See in particular “Does the full OFL license text always need to accompany the font?”

Answer: The only situation in which an OFL font can be distributed without the text of the OFL (either in a separate file or in font metadata), is when a font is embedded in a document or bundled within a program. In the case of metadata included within a font, it is legally sufficient to include only a link to the text of the OFL on http://scripts.sil.org/OFL, but we strongly recommend against this. Most modern font formats include metadata fields that will accept the full OFL text, and full inclusion increases the likelihood that users will understand and properly apply the license.

The license does have to be included, but it is sufficient to include it in the font metadata.

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The simple answer is that you most likely don’t need to do anything special to use @font-face, and don’t need to include the license yourself as that is normally delivered through @font-face. You can also create artwork using an OFL font and don’t need to include the license. See this section in the FAQ about web fonts:


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Thanks Paulus,
what means include the license in metadata? I have to include the license link in a comment in the CSS?

Thanks Victor,
for what i understand, using @font-face is distribution?

Pino -

When a font is delivered to a user via the @font-face mechanism, most systems compress and deliver the font in a way that includes the appropriate metadata that is already in the font. There is nothing more you need to do, as it’s all in the font itself (typically the WOFF file). You can trust that the main webfont services such as Google Fonts will do this properly. If you’re using some other service you may wish to ask them if the fonts they deliver contain all the copyright and license metadata.

For a much more detailed explanation of the OFL and web fonts, read this article:




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Thanks for the answer and for the article,
do you mean using fonts by CDN services or even for self-hosted (local) fonts?

I’ve read in the article that both WOFF and OTF contains metadata, i use a local OTF, so i don’t have to include license, right?

If you are hosting the OTF yourself, then it contains the license metadata so nothing more is required.

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Many thanks Victor, now it’s clear :slight_smile: