Where do we put the .bloomd file?

I created a .bloomd file through the Publish > Android > Save Bloom Reader File method. Where do I put it on the phone?

My phone has Android 7.1.1
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On my phone (Samsung Galaxy A7, Android 7.0), the location is \Internal Storage\Bloom.

Sometimes when I’ve received .bloomd files from others, the file will just open automatically in Bloom Reader.

But then other times, the phone says that it is unable to open the file. Moving the file to \internal storage\Bloom allows the phone to open it.


I’ve had the same experience as Liz–at times it seems like the phone recognizes a .bloomd file as belonging to Bloom Reader and opens it in Bloom Reader automatically. But at other times not. It would be good for the app to definitely register .bloomd as a file type that should be opened in Bloom Reader.

We’ve tried quite hard to do this. Unfortunately different programs and possibly different Android versions seem to differ in what it takes to “definitely register” Bloom as the handler of .bloomd files. And possibly different transfer mechanisms differ in which bits of information about the file type they carry along. We’ll keep trying to improve this. [Edit: removed questions. We have enough information on reproducing this.]

Hi John. I’ve been able to experiment a bit more. I’m using Bloom 4.1.14. My phone is a Moto E4 running Android 7.1.1, “software varian amz.” Bloom Reader is 1.1.5.

I created a .bloomd file and put it in Google Drive. I opened the Google Drive app on the phone. The phone showed a zipper icon for the file. I selected the file and it said, “This file type is unsupported.” It let me download the file. When I select it in the phone’s download folder, it says, “Can’t open file”.

But then I attached it to a Gmail message. When I selected the attachment it asked me how I wanted to open it and offered Bloom Reader as one of the choices. So that worked.

What I haven’t tried is to post it on a web page and see what the browser does with it.

We’ve added a new feature to Bloom Reader Beta 1.1.16 (and Alpha 1.2.41).

From the main menu (the hamburger at the top-left of your book list), you can choose “Find Bloom books on this device.” We would love to have your input on how well this feature works for you to overcome these kinds of problems.

I just tried it and after I clicked ‘Find Bloom book on this device’ the app found a book that was stored ‘somewhere’ on the phone. That worked. Thanks