When is myWorkSafe going to be updated to (automatically) backup data from newer SIL software?

After so many years, it is great to see that myWorkSafe (mWS) still works well for many people and gives a workable solution to those who don’t have reasonable online backup services available.

But, could I make a request that mWS is updated to handle the data stored in new locations. For example, PT8 uses a completely different folder; and if users are not aware of that, they may simply assume that their (newer) Paratext data is being backed up (when it isn’t). There may be other software packages out there too (Glyssen, SayMore, etc.) which need to be handled by default as well.

I know that we can modify the .ini file to tell mWS which folders to backup, but the whole point of mWS is for those who don’t know how to do this to still have an out-of-the-box backup solution that “just works”.

This would be great. I wonder if any myWorkSafe users out there (not necessarily you, Mark) would be willing to take the time to figure out what a current default INI file should look like? You could then create a Pull Request making it easier to update this part of the program. https://github.com/sillsdev/myWorkSafe/blob/master/distFiles/myWorkSafe.ini

@MarkP thanks for the prompting. I’ve put it in Bloom’s ToDo list so that the three programs you listed will get done soon. If anyone thinks of others, let us know here.

I agree with Chris that it would be a big help if someone could give me their ini file to work from.

Here’s the list of what I’ve got in the proposed list already:

  • AdaptIt
  • Bloom
  • Encoding Converters
  • FieldWorks8 projects
  • FieldWorks7 projects
  • Glyssen
  • HearThis Recordings
  • OneStory Editor
  • OurWord
  • Paratext8
  • Paratext7
  • Dictionary App Builder
  • Scripture App Builder
  • Reading App Builder
  • SayMore
  • WeSay

and also:

  • Desktop
  • Dictionary App Builder
  • MyMusic
  • MyPictures
  • MyVideos
  • OtherDocuments
  • ThunderbirdMail
  • WindowsLiveMail

Are there other SIL or commonly used software packages that myWorkSafe should be backing up by default?

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If a complete ini is too much to ask, definite information about what location(s) should be backed up for any of the above would be welcome.

Mark, John H and I have a few off list emails including a complete in file
in hopes of releasing it as a new mWS version.

MS Outlook (also might be good)
Default location for rules and settings: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook
Default location for Mail storage : C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

Did this ever happen? Are you aware of how many users are currently using mWS?

I’m not aware of any additional movement on this, unfortunately.

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