What's New in Language Forge Version 1.11.0? (2-December-2021)

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Known Issues and Limitations

To see the known issues and limitations in Language Forge, visit this page on GitHub.

1.3 Release (31-August 2017)

1.4 Release (9-February-2018)

1.7 Release (2-March-2020)

1.8 Release (31-August-2021)

See this release’s highlights on YouTube

1.9 Release (30-September-2021)

  • Keyboard shortcut PgUp/PgDn to page through entries
  • Fixed a bug where the last login date was not being updated for Google/Facebook logins
  • Users now go directly to their project on sign-in
  • Optimized mobile keyboard: prevent auto-capitalization on some fields
  • Input fields now auto-resize for display and editing of longer text
  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.8: extra whitespace in list view
  • Send/Receive fixes

1.9.2 Release (12-October-2021)

  • Remove site footer across application
  • Reduce vertical padding/margin on form controls in edit view
  • Simplify “Share with others” user experience

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1.10.0 Release (28-October-2021)

  • Increase working space on mobile by making rendered entry (top entry paragraph) scrollable
    • Note: For the time being, if you installed this on your device as a PWA, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app to see this change.
  • Minimize edit conflicts when multiple users work on the same entry at the same time
    • New adjustable update interval setting (only use if instructed to by tech support)

See this release’s highlights on YouTube

1.11.0 Release (2-December-2021)

  • Add “whole word” search option
  • Ignore diacritics by default when searching, or select option to match diacritics when searching
  • The left-hand word list now does a better job of keeping the current word in view. (Larger screens only.)