What's new in Bloom 3.9

We are happy to announce that Bloom 3.9 has moved from beta to release. Here’s what’s new:

  • Custom Templates
    • We’ve created a “Template Starter” template that lets you make a book full of template pages that you and others can reuse.
  • Collection Setup
    • You can now change the UI language when Bloom runs for the first time. Previously, you couldn’t change it until you’d made your first collection.
    • Added new branding pack, ToMasewalTlahtol
  • Edit Tab
    • You can now enable automatic paragraph indent on styles.
    • You can now control spacing between paragraphs.
    • When you make books from a shellbook, Bloom now moves the original copyright and license to its own field. Thus preserved, you can now set your own copyright and license for the adaptation. Bloom does not yet verify that the new license is compatible with the original. If you add a book to a Source Collection, Bloom does not take this step. Bloom assumes that what you are trying to do is to edit the book you just added in some way, not really create a new derivative.
    • Text Box Formatting (under “Change Layout”)
      • You can now set the vertical alignment of text boxes (top, middle, bottom)
      • We have moved borders and background shading from the text styles to the Text Box Formatting
    • You can now copy a page from one book and paste it into another. One use for this is for making template pages out of complex pages you’ve already created.
    • Text on cover pages (the large boxes where you can type anything) is no longer copied into derived books.
  • Help
    • Added/updated some links to point to this community forum site.

Bloom 3.8 will automatically ask to update itself. Otherwise, windows users can get 3.9 from the Bloom downloads page. The linux version will follow shortly.