What SIL Software does NOT run on a Windows ARM computer

I am collecting information for those who run Windows 11 on ARM computers. I thought that all of SIL software would run on an ARM computer running Windows but someone just told me that Bloom will not run on Windows computers which use an ARM chip. I am checking to see what does and does not run. Thanks.

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Hi Harry,

I’m not aware of any SIL Language technology desktop software that targets ARM platforms. So basically, SIL desktop software won’t be able to run on Windows 11 ARM. We do have several web apps that run in the browser, which of course runs on ARM.

I do think that ARM is a legitimate platform to target when building desktop software, thanks in large part to Apple. So perhaps we will see this rise in priority over the next few years.


while Bloom may not run on Windows 11 on ARM computers due to its x86 architecture, other SIL software like Paratext and FieldWorks are compatible with this platform.

This article suggests that most/all??? Windows software can run in emulation mode. So there’s at least decent reason to hope that most (at least 64-bit) SIL software will work. But there’s definitely work to be done to build software to run natively on ARM.

Has anyone tested @TomB’s hypothesis?