What security permissions are needed to install a keyboard configuration in Keyman?


I have successfully created and distributed a Keyman keyboard configuration (Umatilla Sahaptin/Ičiškíin keyboard). My IT department is trying to install this keyboard on our work computers, but they don’t seem to be able to do so even when they run Keyman as an administrator. Does anyone know what security permissions they need in order to install a keyboard configuration?

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I presume the computers are running macOS. Here is how to properly install Keyman for macOS: How to configure macOS security options for Keyman.

If the problem persists, do let us know. :slight_smile:

If it’s Windows, then elevation is required in order to install the input method. There’s no extra special permissions required, just ability to write to various registry keys (all under HKLM\Software from memory) and %ProgramData%.

Keyman itself does not need to run as Administrator, and Keyman Configuration should prompt for elevation as required when running a keyboard install.

We’d need more detail from your IT department on the errors or issues they are encountering in order to be able to assist further.

Thanks, makara and Marc! We are using Windows, so I’ll forward what Marc has shared to them and see if this helps or if they can provide more information.

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My name is Kyle, and I am with the IT department. When I load Keyman under my admin account, it appears to work, but if done under a non admin account, it will not load the keyboard properly.

Can you describe the symptoms in a little more detail – it’s hard to figure out what the issue might be otherwise. How is your environment configured – are you doing anything out of the norm for administrative vs non-administrative accounts? Are you using Active Directory or other system management software or are these standalone logins?

You may also find that you can install the keyboard as Administrator, then you may need to make a language association for the installed keyboard for the end user. But I am just guessing without further details on the symptoms of the issue.


I will log onto the computer with my admin account, and successfully install the program. I can then open it up, and add the keyboard that Jonathan is wanting. When I log off, and he logs on with his user account, the keyboard is not there, and it will not install for him. I am doing the install using RDP, and logging on as an admin. I have also attempted to do a screen share with him logged on, and do a shift right click to install as a different user and use my admin account.

We are running Windows 10 with feature 21H2.

Okay, that’s a bit unexpected – normally if you install a keyboard as Administrator (where there is a split account situation), you will be able to find the keyboard in Keyman Configuration for a non-elevated user. You may then need to link that keyboard to a language using the Add Language button as highlighted below:

That would then make the keyboard available within the Windows system keyboard picker for use.

If that doesn’t work, then something else is going on; could I ask you to share a diagnostic report (which can be sent privately to us) following the steps at https://help.keyman.com/kb/40?


I will work with Jonathan in the morning, and get the information for you, and try the steps you sent as well.


I followed the instructions and linked the language, and it is now working. I created an install document for others here to follow for future installs. Thank you for the guidance and assistance.

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That’s good to hear. I’m sorry it was so convoluted to get to what in the end was a simple answer. I’ve taken a look at our documentation and submitted a pull request (aka ‘documentation update’) to the https://help.keyman.com/products/windows/current-version/start/download-and-install-keyboard page that hopefully addresses this.

Note, anyone is able to submit patches to our documentation – just click the Edit Page button that floats at the bottom right of all the help.keyman.com pages. Keyman is open source and we depend on community improvements like this!