What is the most appropriate way to give feedback on a font and/or keyboard?

I recently downloaded the Tagmukay font, and the Tawallammat Tiffinagh keyboard in order to be able to type in Shiffinagh. However, I found some problems with the character set and the keyboard, as well as inconsistencies between the desktop and web fonts . Is there a committee or group that oversees the Tagmukay font and Tiffinagh keyboard that I could communicate with to discuss the problems or make suggestions?

You can submit an issue about this font (and see issues others have submitted) at https://github.com/silnrsi/font-tagmukay/issues/

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WSTech in SIL produces both the font and the keyboard. In addition to the GitHub issue tracker mentioned above, there is also the SIL Fonts community and a support page for the font (which also mentions the SIL Font community). I see you have already used the Keyman community which is a good place for your keyboard questions.

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This was great. There was an open issue regarding accessing ligatures on a Mac. I read it and got some good ideas about how to solve the same problem in Ubuntu Linux.
I posted the solution at: https://github.com/silnrsi/font-tagmukay/issues/3

Thank you so much for introducing me to the github page for tagmukay issues!

Thanks for pointing me to these pages. I will post the solution to one of the problems to the SIL Fonts Community. Also found a good pdf there showing the complete set of glyphs capable by the font.