What does the red triangle with an exclamation point mean?

I am creating my first book, and some of the pages, on the left side of the screen, have red triangles with exclamation points on them. What does this mean? Do I have a problem that needs addressing? What am I supposed to do?

Hi, @Judi

This is from the relevant entry in Bloom’s help file:

Red font color/red line

When a text box is too full, we refer to it as an overflow.

A page that has an overflowing text box is flagged in the Pages pane. On that page, you will see either a red font and border, or a red line.

To solve this, you can resize the text box or reduce the number of words in it, or change formatting.

Thank you so much! I couldn’t find any “help” button anywhere. I appreciate your answering my question. Have a blessed evening. Thank you!


I couldn’t find any “help” button anywhere.

Here it is:


But we’re always happy to answer questions here, too :slight_smile: