What are the minimum system requirements for Wasta?

Hi there,

What are the minimum system requirements for Wasta? I looked around but couldn’t find the answer.

I have an old laptop with 2GB of memory, a 32 GB hard drive, and an intel processor that I think predates i3. I want to run Paratext Lite, which is in beta for Linux.


Hi Alex,

You’re going to want at least 4GB of memory, but the 32GB hard drive should be enough. Wasta is largely Ubuntu with some tweaks, so you can check out Ubuntu’s official system requirements for more details.


Thank you Nate!

You’re link didn’t make it into your post, but based on what you wrote, I am understanding that Wasta is essentially a variant of Ubuntu, which should be easy enough to look up.

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Hmm, if your old laptop has a 32-bit processor you will need to use Wasta version 18.04, which is the last release for 32-bit hardware. See Downloads | wasta [Linux]. Click on the 18.04 (32-bit) tab to download this installer.

If you are not sure about the processor you can post the processor name (or the exact laptop model name, as specific as you can find) here and someone might be able to help figure this out.

I updated the post to fix the link for posterity.