WeSay to Language Depot - Push Error

Hello again,

One last error with our new WeSay project, which I can’t figure out how to resolve.

When I Send/Receive to Language Depot to store the local changes there, I get an error message:

Error: Push failed: A common revision could not be found with the server.

Error: Inner–>
Exception: Push failed: A common revision could not be found with the server.

The error also identifies the Language Depot url and project info, all of which look correct.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Many thanks,


Hi Lauren,

We see that you successfully did a Send/Receive on 12th September. Have you made any changes to the project since then?

Thinking about your previous issue, I’m thinking that they could be related problems. Inside of the project’s folder, there is folder named .hg. If in your moving of files you didn’t move that, the problem you describe would occur.

The “.hg” folder is part of the Send/Receive system. If it were missing and you did a S/R, WeSay would create a new one. This new one would not be related to the one on LanguageDepot, and they would be unable to synchronize with each other.

I think your options are

a) find the old .hg folder and put it in place of the newly-created one

b) delete you WeSay project. Run “WeSay Configuration Tool”. Choose “Get from internet”, enter you LanguageDepot information, and get a new copy. This is a great solution if you haven’t done a bunch of work since your last successful S/R.

c) write the LanguageDepot admin and ask them to blow away the repository on the server, so that when you do an S/R from your machine, your current .hg folder will be essentially sent up to the server. This is safe only if you’re the only person with this project.


Hi John, thank you for the advice. You’re very patient!

What you’re saying does make sense (thank God).

Re your proposed options:

a) probably not an option

b) the only reason this could be an issue is that the Language Depot Dictionary only has 1 word in it, whereas my local version has over 2,000. If I get the Language eDepot version, wouldn’t my local dictionary be set back to just 1 word?

c) I think this is the best option. I will email them and let you know how I go. May take a couple days with different time zones.

I’ll keep you posted, many thanks for your advice.

Warm regards, Lauren

Hi Lauren,

Our team can help you resolve this right away over email. Please check your email for a message from us.



Thank you all so much! John, option C did the trick! Daniel Glassey has helped me do the updates, and again, I cannot thank you genourous souls for being so helpful and patient. You’ve been just incredible, truly.

A million thanks to a great team :slight_smile:

Great to hear that it’s working for you, Lauren. Glad we could help!