WeSay error

Hi, I’m working on troubleshooting long distance with a national partner, who received the error message “Object reference not set to an instance of an object…”. (I can’t seem to upload the photo of the whole error message here.) I do not know how to interpret the specifics of the error message. I will start by telling him basic troubleshooting, like rebooting the computer, checking any antivirus conflict, opening from the config file, etc. But if anyone recognizes the error message and can tell me what it implies as far as potential causes, that would be great. I can also try instructing him to send the error message to the WeSay email address provided. Thanks!

Alas, this is the computer equivalent of “my car made a strange noise”.

I don’t think WeSay would show you this without a dialog offering to email or copy a more complete log of what happened. I gather you don’t have a way of getting that message?

But like a mechanic would tell you, if it doesn’t happen again, don’t worry. And if it does, take note of what you were doing. See if you can make it happen when you want.

Thank you, yes, I have only a photo of a snippet of the error message which my coworker emailed to me at this point. Without much to go off of, probably won’t solve it until I can get an email of the log from him, if it continues to happen, or else check it out in person on a few weeks. My best guess based on previous experiences is that he perhaps could fix it by opening from the configuration tool. I think that happened to another coworker this year after an update of some kind. We’ll see how it goes.