WeSay 1.6.10 Sort order issue: Not sorting é before e as primary sort

Good afternoon,
I’m trying to help a cluster of languages that are using WeSay for dictionary building. In these languages they want to have é sorted as a primary vowel, and to have it sort before e.
I can get WeSay to sort correctly in the test area using a customary ICU rule
&[before 1] e < é
And I can get it to sort correctly in the test area using a custom simple (Shoebox sort)
But the sort doesn’t work properly in the Dictionary Browse and Edit list or in either PDF or ODT output.
I’d appreciate any advise on how to get this to work properly. Thanks.

Turns out that it we were not editing the sort order on the correct writing system. We were editing the fonipa variant of the writing system and not the primary writing system. Sorting now works properly.