Webonary links don't work

There is always a clickable link after this (comp. of in webonary, but it doesn’t take one to where it is expected. Instead of the page for the word being clicked one, it takes one to webonary home page. :frowning: Is there anyway to fix this?

Dictionary page: មឞ្លាងនាវម៝សឞូន៝ង » មើល​បញ្ជី​ពាក្យ​

The "Compound of … " links are incomplete. The webonary project name needs to be included. For example in the entry ឞ៝ក​លាយ្ស (comp. of ឞ៝ក₁, លាយ្ស) N bolt of cloth, the link on the first morpheme of comp. of is:
but should be

I would suggest reuploading the project with a later version of Fieldworks (9.0.x). Awhile ago, webonary projects were moved (eg. from bunong.webonary.org to webonary.org/bunong). It looks like these particular kinds of links did not automatically get updated in the move.

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What is the process for replacing the existing Bunong webonary with the current Bunong lexicon that is set up in FLEX 9.1.5 Beta?

Is it possible to save a copy of the current Bunong webonary before replacing it?