Way to tell Bloom that my book isn't really a derivative

How do I create a book from one language to another without getting this “Adapted from …” message inserted into the copyright page?

I have tried both duplicating/building from within Bloom and copying from one folder to another before opening Bloom with the same results.

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Hi Chris,
When you click…

…Bloom takes that to mean that you are in fact making a derivative work. So you get the new copyright and all.

Sometimes, instead you are the copyright holder (or are working for that organization), and you just want to make changes to the book. Bloom should have a button that lets you express that intention, something like


OK obviously we need to do some more thinking on the user interface, but you get the idea :slight_smile:

I apologize though, we don’t have any such button yet. So what you need to do is not leave it to Bloom to make a new version of the book.

Instead, you have two options:

Option 1
If you already have this book in a collection and want to add a new language, just “turn on” the new language and start typing. In order to see the new language, it will have to be one of the 3 you can enable in Settings. You can either change the 3 settings to make your new language Language #1, or else just edit the book in multilingual mode:

Option 2
If don’t have this book in a collection yet (i.e. you got this book from someone else), use Windows Explorer to place the book’s folder into the folder of the collection you will be working in, alongside the other book folder. When you run Bloom, the book will appear and will use the language settings of that collection.

Our recommend way to share books is to ZIP the book’s folder. If someone has shared a ZIP file with you, you’ll need to extract its folder into your collection folder; Bloom can’t read the whole ZIP file.

OK Chris let me know if that is clear or not.


John, I have no problem creating the book into another language. I just really do not want the "Adapted from … " message on the copyright page.

Strange thing is that it worked fine with another book I did … by copying it into another language folder and then working in it in another language. There was no copyright message in the credits page.

I cannot see any difference between that book and the ones I am trying to do now. Copyright info is exactly the same. And it does not need any changes.

Sorry, I’m not understanding what you’re saying… I can pretty much guarantee that if you are not clicking the “Make a book using this source” button, then Bloom will not treat the book as a derivative work, and will not add any notices.

Maybe someone else on the forum can be of more help?

I’ve determined that the books from one folder/collection will copy/paste to another language folder/collection and there is no "Adapted from… " message on the credits page.

BUT the books from another folder/collection … the first one created … will not do this. It will have that message in every book I try.

I’ve checked every setting I can think of but cannot see a discrepancy between them to cause them to behave differently from each other.

I’ve determined that the books that did transfer well to another language folder/collection was created in the 2nd language folder/collection … not the first one that I’m having trouble with.

Something embedded somewhere?

Hi John,
Just to confirm that I am not using the “Make a book using this source” button to create a derivative book.
I am copying a book from one collection to another.
I’ve determined that the books that insert the “Adapted from…” message on the Credits page when copied from one language folder/collection to another are books created as “Big Books” or “Basic Books”.

***Those created as “Decodable Reader Books” do NOT insert that message when copied to another collection and I can do a book in another language just fine.

*** Is there a way to just change the appropriate .css files in each book folder? I did try that but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

What would you suggest?

Would be wonderful if I did not have to rebuild all 18 books :slight_smile:

I don’t remember why I changed from "Basic Books to “Decodable Readers” but I’m glad I did!

With help from our team, I’ve confirmed the behavior changes based on whether the book is copied from a source collection or vernacular collection.
Could you confirm if the book which adds the Adapted from language is coming from a source collection and copied into a vernacular collection, and if the one without that statement is coming from a vernacular collection?

Regardless, I think this is likely not intended behavior. I’ll check with team about how we can address this.

I’m pretty sure the template used to create the book would not have any bearing.
By the way, to make a basic book into a Decodable book, simply open the toolbox on the far right of the Edit tab pane by clicking the three horizontal lines. Then click to turn on the Decodable Reader Tool.

Hello Andrew,
Yes, I did create the first book from the “source collection” in my 1st language collection. Then I duplicated that book … in that same collection … to create all the others.

The “decodable” book also came from a “source collection” … but in a 2nd language collection. That book duplicated/transferred to the 1st collection and 3 others without that message.

I tried reproducing what you are saying, but these were my results:

Copying a book from source collection to source collection, regardless of template:
No Adapted from statement.

Copying a book from a source collection to a vernacular collection, regardless of template:
Has Adapted from statement.

If you’re sure you’re seeing something different, we would probably need a copy of the books in question to continue any research.

If you’re pretty technical, the best way to do so is to zip up the two books in question (a Basic Book from the original source collection which adds “Adapted from” and a Decodable Reader from the original source collection which doesn’t add it).
Then email those to issues@bloomlibrary.org.
If you’re less technical, you could go into the original collection, select each book, go to help, Report a Problem and be sure to send the book through that dialog.

From my research, a workaround is to copy the books into a source collection, but you say you’re already doing that.
We’ll try to think if there is any other workaround…


Hi Andrew, just sent an email with several files and Bloom Packs and copied you.
Have fun figuring this out :slight_smile:

Update from anyone is appreciated.
Should I start rebuilding all the book?

Hi Chris,

Should I start rebuilding all the book?

What’s your schedule like? If we could give you a feature to remove the additional, unwanted copyright information in October, would that work for you?

– edited for clarity


Sorry, I’m not quite understanding the offer. Do you mean something temporary that will make the problem books transferable to the other language collections?

The intent is to keep building 100+ books for however long it takes … in several different languages.
So anything to help me keep going would be wonderful!

I think you can continue on making books. We’ll help you with the copyright stuff (see John’s edited post).
As a last resort, we could provide very technical assistance to remove the unwanted copyright stuff manually.

Ok, I think I am understanding. Thanks for clarifying, John.

Just to be sure … I can go ahead and duplicate these books into another language NOW … knowing that eventually there will be a fix to remove what now looks like permanently added copyright text?

Will the fix come in the next upgrade in October or do I need to request help at that time?

I’m fine with this. It will be awhile for all these books to be checked before we will actually publish them in Bloom.
Hopefully this fall/winter.

Thanks, guys.

If October is suitable for a way you can do this yourself in Bloom, we’ll plan on that. It will come through a Bloom update.
So yes, you can create your books even though they seem to have a permanent statement you would like to remove.
We’ll make sure you can remove it one way or another before you publish.

Awesome! Happy to keep working.

Andrew, I am curious though … has this not happened to anyone else before??
Something new? It seems to be my “thing” to find these glitches :wink:

I have experienced problems with the “Adapted from” statement as well,
early last year, as the Bloom team knows. I ended up editing each book
manually to remove or edit those statements where they turned up
unexpectedly, but this was a LOT of hard work. I would love to have a
button to remove the problem statement!

Kim Blewett
Language Technology Consultant (LSS)
SIL Papua New Guinea

Hello Kim! Thanks for this input.
Would love to know how you manually removed those statements.
I can’t seem to access that at all. The only option I see is for me to rebuild each book that was built in the first language collection. That would be a lot of work!! and shouldn’t be necessary.
Any advice would be helpful.
I’m ready to hit it again today … need to keep moving ahead.