&visualkeyboard and .kvk output

I noticed that when I do not have a &visualkeyboard store, keyman will create when when a keyboard is compiled. The output though will be along side the .kmn file. I’d prefer the auto-generated .kvk file to go into the “build” directory instead. Is there a setting for this?



We are now recommending that you have a .kvks file (which is in xml format) as the source. The file that is distributed with the keyboards is still a .kvk file (compiled).

I would recommend you rename your current .kvk file to .kvks
Next, open the .kmn file inside an editor, not Keyman Developer, and change .kvk to .kvks
Save and then open .kmn inside Keyman Developer. It should automatically change your compiled file to source (xml)

Next, you will want to use the .kvk file for distribution. In the .kps file you can reload the .kvk file from the build folder, so the path would be

      <Description>File <filename>.kvk</Description>

Thanks @Lorna, these are excellent instructions and worked flawlessly. :grinning:

Thanks @Lorna.

@dyacob, I’m a little puzzled by the original problem – can you give me a set of steps that reproduces this because I can’t reproduce it here. Keyman Developer shouldn’t be creating a .kvk file in the source folder if there is no &visualkeyboard system store in the .kmn file.