Virus in Keyman

I tried to update Keyman 10.something on my system to 13.the latest and it bombed. It won’t let me send an email with the appropriate system files to report the problem. Restarting the system did not fix anything. I finally got it to say the enclosed about there being an active trojan in it. How can I deal with this, and can anyone fix it so it doesn’t happen to anyone else?! Screenshot 2021-02-11 151432|488x355 All right it’s not letting me upload the image, so I’ll copy part of it:
Threat found - Action needed. Severe

Status: Active
Active threats have not been remediated and are running on your device.

Threat detected: Trojan:Win32Spevdo.B
Alert level: Severe
Date: 11-Feb-21 2:13 PM
Category: Trojan
Details: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker

Learn more(link)

Affected items:

file: C:\Users(my name)\AppData\Local\Temp\kmnAC4.exe

Hi @DavidTuggy1, welcome to the community!

This is a false positive reported by Windows Defender. We have just submitted the file for manual analysis by the Windows Defender team and hopefully they will be able to flag it as safe shortly and send out an update.

Thank you, Marc. I was finally able to get v. 10 working again, and I really have no need to have v. 13 or anything else at the moment. Again thanks for developing Keyman―I have used it for years and like what I have set up in it, very much.

―David Tuggy

Good to hear! We’ve identified a way to hopefully resolve the false positive from our end as well (see bug(windows): tsysinfox64 does not appear to be signed · Issue #4484 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub) so are releasing an update shortly for that.