ViewGlyph 1.81 download links are broken

Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right place to report this issue since the project is archived; I tried to download ViewGlyph 1.81 to test some TTF files but all the download links on the following page seem broken:

For example, trying to download eventually returns an ERROR 522.

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Yes, has been having some troubles recently, and I apologize for that.

But like itself, ViewGlyph is quite old. Can you tell me a little more about what you need to do? There might be some more up-to-date solutions.


I’m not actively looking for another solution, but thank you! ViewGlyph just piqued my interest because I just learned about it. I saw it mentioned somewhere as a simple tool for testing .TTF files. Since it supports drag-and-dropping fonts without installing them, it seemed like it could be perfect for quickly testing the fonts I edit in FontForge.

There are a number of “no install” tools that we use for testing. And of course “testing” can mean different things to each person, depending on their perspective. Some possibilities, in case you weren’t already aware of them, include:

  • CSS and any modern web browser can load local font files without the need to install. We do a lot of our basic testing with a “test markup” language designed to make it easy to throw together test docs that exercise language and feature behavior without much CSS and browser knowledge. For more information see GitHub - silnrsi/ftml: Font Test Markup Language Specification. That repo also has some contributed XSL files that make it easy to simply open an FTML document directly in a browser. See also Using Browsers for no-install font testing.

  • Fontproof is a design testing environment that makes it easy to produce PDF font test documents without fiddling with InDesign or other manual page layout or word processing programs.

  • Crowbar is especially useful for debugging font behaviors. It is a web-app that runs locally in your browser.

  • Fontbakery is useful for evaluating font quality against industry best practices.

  • DTL’s OTMaster, though not free, is an extremely useful GUI tool for developers of OpenType fonts.

You didn’t mention what OS/platform you are using – knowing that might open up other options.


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It looks like the download is working now.