Videos for RAB

I realise there are videos for Scripture App Builder that are also relevant for Reading App Builder, but it would be helpful if there were some specifically for RAB.

E.g. an Overview of Reading App Builder, Using Word docs as a source, Using SFM as a source, etc.

Has anyone created any?


Marty Lange has just made some videos available for RAB (March 201)9. It has examples of how to to things in Word documents.

Thanks Ian,

I’ll check them out.


I am hoping to get permission to focus some time on creating tutorials for some of the more basic functions of RAB - installation, creating an app with Word documents, adding images and sound, using aeneas, etc.

Hopefully, you will see more tutorials in the next several months - keep your eye on

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Thanks for creating the videos Marty, I am looking for how to use aeneas and Audacity to align the text. I noticed you have videos for Audacity but those are not in english. Could you please point to some other resources to learn how to use aeneas and audacity with RAB.

Thank you