Video on book cover

It would be good if the cover of a sign language book allowed a video rather than an image, or somehow offer both options.

I like the image on the cover. In Bloom Reader Alpha we now have the audio icon to tell you that we’re dealing with a ‘Talking Book’. I would be nice to have a video icon to tell the user that this is a video book.

Yes, please, give us the option of putting a video on the cover or have it as default for Sign Language books. We are making sign language books now and we would like to sign the title as well, plus other information on the cover (signer, author, illustrator, theme).
When people see a video on the cover, they will know straight away that this is a SL book and it will attract the attention of the Deaf community.
Plus the lay-out of a SL book is such that it leaves space for a video. It looks better.