'Vernacular Word' style (from FLEx) messed up with XHTML export

I have a style in FLEx that I use to tag a ‘vernacular word’ in an analysis language (such as English) field. For example:

baghe n a bow; use with an arrow kuali

When I export FLEx as XHTML, this displays fine in the ‘entry’ view. However, in the ‘preview’ view I get this:

baghe kuali

which is not what I want to show… The word tagged as a ‘vernacular word’ is substituted as the definition. Or the rest of the untagged definition is stripped out. Something weird is going on… Does anyone else have issues with FLEx styles behaving oddly in DAB?

Hi Paul,
I have never tried using styles like you mention in FLEx. I am guessing you have a reason for using this way of doing things instead of using fields like Lexical Relations or Cross References, but if all else fails, in might be worth a try to put this word in a separate field that would (hopefully) automatically recognize it as a vernacular word and automatically create a hyperlink to that word in the app for you…I realize that may be time consuming though! Sorry I can’t be more help.

Hi kklcclkk,
I do use Lexical Relations and Cross References as well, but kind of following Newell (1995) I have tried to cross-reference related vernacular words in the definition. My hope is that this will be helpful to dictionary users who might not read an entry through to the end (where lex. rel.s usually live).