Variable stores causing crashes

I tried implementing the variable store function to switch groups in a keyboard layout I developed, only for them to fail to implement in real use. To give you an idea, I’ll write the gist of it in pseudocode

begin group(main)


store(mode) ‘off’

if(mode=‘off’) > use(off)
if(mode=‘on’) > use(on)

group(on) using keys

  • {key} > set(mode=‘off’)

group(off) using keys

  • {key} > set(mode=‘on’)

Now When I implemented this on my computer after I reset said computer, I found it wouldn’t actually use the different group when I actually installed the keyboard. Stranger yet, when I used the save function to save the variable stores, It cause the keyboard and whatever app I was using it in, to crash.

I did a bit of looking and found that my antivirus program (MCafee livesafe) was quarantining the crashpad_handler.exe files in the keyman installation folders. So after getting them back in my system and repairing the installation, I thought that would solve the problem, but it didn’t.

Anybody else experiencing this? What did you do to solve it? For reference, everything was working fine before I reset my PC.

Hi @Gdmqx, welcome to the community!

First off, Keyman should definitely not be crashing. So I’m really keen to get to the bottom of that. The crashpad_handler.exe issue with McAfee LiveSafe is unrelated. Could you DM the keyboard source to me so I can try and reproduce it here?

Also, which version of Keyman are you running?

cc @ross FYI.

Hello @Gdmqx,
There was bug fixed recently for the keyboard store which because store value was reset it effected the if/set rules. Please try the latest version 15.0.269. This should fix the issue you are experiencing.

I should note in working on this bug while it failed to update the store I did not see any crashes for the keyboards I was testing.

Oh Hi. Urm. I fixed the problem, I think all I had to do was uninstall the keyman engine, then switch off my antivirus, then reinstall, either that or I simply needed to update. Seems to be working now, but unfortunately my cursed computer seems to be having other problems.
Thank you for your reply

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