Variable stores causing crashes

I tried implementing the variable store function to switch groups in a keyboard layout I developed, only for them to fail to implement in real use. To give you an idea, I’ll write the gist of it in pseudocode

begin group(main)


store(mode) ‘off’

if(mode=‘off’) > use(off)
if(mode=‘on’) > use(on)

group(on) using keys

  • {key} > set(mode=‘off’)

group(off) using keys

  • {key} > set(mode=‘on’)

Now When I implemented this on my computer after I reset said computer, I found it wouldn’t actually use the different group when I actually installed the keyboard. Stranger yet, when I used the save function to save the variable stores, It cause the keyboard and whatever app I was using it in, to crash.

I did a bit of looking and found that my antivirus program (MCafee livesafe) was quarantining the crashpad_handler.exe files in the keyman installation folders. So after getting them back in my system and repairing the installation, I thought that would solve the problem, but it didn’t.

Anybody else experiencing this? What did you do to solve it? For reference, everything was working fine before I reset my PC.

Hi @Gdmqx, welcome to the community!

First off, Keyman should definitely not be crashing. So I’m really keen to get to the bottom of that. The crashpad_handler.exe issue with McAfee LiveSafe is unrelated. Could you DM the keyboard source to me so I can try and reproduce it here?

Also, which version of Keyman are you running?

cc @ross FYI.

Hello @Gdmqx,
There was bug fixed recently for the keyboard store which because store value was reset it effected the if/set rules. Please try the latest version 15.0.269. This should fix the issue you are experiencing.

I should note in working on this bug while it failed to update the store I did not see any crashes for the keyboards I was testing.

Oh Hi. Urm. I fixed the problem, I think all I had to do was uninstall the keyman engine, then switch off my antivirus, then reinstall, either that or I simply needed to update. Seems to be working now, but unfortunately my cursed computer seems to be having other problems.
Thank you for your reply

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The problem seems to be happening again, this time regardless of whether I have McAfee or not. I have found thought that it only seems to crash when I save variable stores, not when I simply change them
Details for error report for Keyman app:
Application Identifier: tike-15.0.272
Error Identifier: 13FFC082019B4129414A27E9DA958B87

Hi @Gdmqx,

That seems to be an different issue. Can you share your keyboard source with me (via private message is fine) so I can try and replicate the issue here?

I’m not sure what you mean by source. Is it something to do with the settings, the installation or what?

By the keyboard source I just mean the .kmn file you are creating with Keyman Developer, and preferably, everything in the folder as well.

You don’t need to worry about sending me your keyboard source any longer. I was able to trace the root cause of the crash; it will be resolved in Keyman Developer 16 which is due out in a few weeks.

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Thank you for your work. I appreciate it. Can’t wait for the release.

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