V- ୱ [0B71] Missing character map in ISIS_Oriya (Odia) - Use Keyboard Online

I have been using ISIS-Oriya for a long time in Windows. The layout in all ISIS-is awesome. I used its versions prior to its paid/licensed version. Everything was fine.
Now I would like to use the keymanweb version for a website.
However, I noticed in this online version that the character mapping between V - ୱ is missing, which was there in the previous versions of ISIS-Oriya.
Sometimes, there is a confusion among users/developers that ବ in ଆମ୍ବ [aamba “mango”] and ୱ in ashva [horse] are the same since they look alike when conjoined with a consonant in all printed books/texts. But in pronunciation the native speaker differentiates it correctly.

Because of this issue in the keyboard, the text created out of this keyboard becomes corrupt, especially online. If one wants to use this online text for TTS, the output is meaningless.

May I request the developer to rectify this issue in all latest versions of ISIS-Oriya, if they want it to be used widely by the Odia community or anyone else including NLP technologists?

The other request I have is that the name “Oriya” to be changed to “Odia” as it is the official change by the Govt.


Odia User of ISIS-Oriya

Hi, unfortunately the developer of the ISIS keyboard has been unable to provide permission to us to update and maintain the keyboards. We are still trying to obtain this permission, but until we do so, we are unable to resolve issues such as the one you describe.

(This is a big reason why all new keyboards that are provided for us to distribute must be provided as open source using the MIT license – this means that we can maintain the keyboards in the future, and provides the greatest benefit to the user community.)

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Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply. Keeping the licensing issues aside until it is done, you can always request the developer to look at such end-user issues. I will be happy to justify the drawbacks and provide the necessary support to address the issues.

This keyboard has just been made available online: https://keyman.com/keyboards/itrans_odia
I hope it will meet your needs. If not, I believe the author is actively updating his keyboards when requested.