Using two reversal languages

Is there a way to use have the option for 2 reversal languages? I’ve tried but only one shows up in the app.

What is your source file in LIFT or XHTML?

If it is in LIFT they normally all show up unless you change a setting. XHTML you have to generate a reversal for each language and bring that into DAB.

I exported the lexicon with XHTML and then exported each of the reversals using the XHTML selection from Flex. In DAB I added both files in the reversals tab. They are there but only the English shows up.
I’ve only just found DAB and find it to be very promising and it looks good on my Android. Unfortunately, my ANU colleague who also works with the same language has an iPhone… and I’ve found I can’t produce the app for that… sigh!!!

I sent you my email address, so if you can make your DAB project and XHTML and CSS files available I’ll look at it for you.

With a Mac you can make an iOS version. Though distributing it is harder than for Android.

With your XHTML data I made an app. It has three language tabs the vernacular, English and the regional language. If you add a Reversal after the app is created sometimes languages do not register that may cause the lack of a language tab. To get around that you have to start a new project and add all reversals when you set up the app.
However the index does not contain any English definition under the vernacular word. From looking at your XHTML I see that you selected definition, where as DAB expects people to select definition or gloss. That should make the English definition appear under the vernacular word. Also it should pickup the POS.

I also tried the LIFT file you sent me. I’ll send you a few words to compare.

The LIFT version gives the full POS word rather than the abbreviation. For digital publications I prefer to use no abbreviations as we are not paying for paper like in a print dictionary. So saving space is not neccessary.
The XHTML version gives the Semantic Domain information that does not show in LIFT. (I have a modification for that show that data and also adds a Semantic tab on top)