Using this forum (minor issue/complaint)

I ran into some unexpected and slightly frustrating behavior while creating a topic just a moment ago on this forum.
I’m not sure if this is because I am a new user with limited abilities. If so, this can be deleted, or at least marked as solved.

I was seeking help in understanding the documentation for the Keyman Keyboard Language which is in the Keyman Developer section of the Keyman website. I clicked on the support button at the bottom of the page and was directed here.
But I was unable to create the topic with the appropriate metadata.

I attempted to change the category to Keyman Developer, but no such category exists and I was not allowed to create it. I also tried to add a tag (or two) but I ran into the same roadblock.
This first is a bit more understandable than the second. I can imagine that it might be unhelpful to have an unmanaged proliferation of categories; but tags should not be so limited and I can’t imagine any harm in allowing custom tags. What’s the point of even having tags if a user isn’t allowed to add/create tags appropriate to their circumstances. And if those tags already existed wouldn’t that be at least some indication that the issue might have already been discussed and resolved?

Thanks for the feedback. I think creation of tags is not available to new users of the forum, which is a fairly standard setting for Discourse forums. At this stage we aren’t planning to change any of those settings; the forum isn’t so busy that we need to worry about tagging posts etc at this point. :slight_smile: