Using Keyman in Samsung DeX [OBO user]

On Google Play Store, a review read:

It doesn’t work with DeX =/ But I think it’s Samsung’s fault … Keyman actually works on my Note10+ or if I stream my phone’s screen … but if I try to use DeX, it’s not allowed to work inside DeX environment =/

We have tested Keyman v13.0.6220 with DeX v3.8.50.4. The touch keyboard works as expected, and physical keyboard should too in theory.

This is to confirm that Keyman keyboards don work as expected using a physical keyboard on the Samsung Dex for PC v2.0.0.15. (Keyman for Android v14.0.226-beta)

Can you create an issue for this with the compatibility label?

Oops, my apology. There is a typo here. The keyboards actual “do” work as expected.

An issue with the globe key was found and has been reported at: bug(android): the globe key does not work when accessing from Dex · Issue #4318 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub.

When I open keyman on samsung dex, it says keyman can’t run in samsung dex. Can you pls fix that? Appreciate.

Keyman for Android app has not yet been made compatible with Samsung DeX, but Keyman keyboards are still working as expected. You can choose a Keyman keyboard from your Android phone and then you type without any issue on Samsung DeX.

A bug report for the DeX compatibility issue was created: bug(android): Keyman for Android cannot be opened within Samsung DeX · Issue #4515 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub.

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No they are not even latest version 14 beta. Mine is samsung galaxy tab s7. Not only it isn’t work in Samsung Dex, but also keyman keyboard is very very slow response typing in this forum. Only in this forum. It is weird. Sorry this forum doesn’t allow me to upload my screen shot or may be my poor internet connection.

Try the following steps:

  1. Ensure that Keyman is chosen as the system keyboard on Android.
  2. Plug in the USB to the phone and then the PC
  3. Wait for the Samsung DeX to detect the device and start the session
  4. On your phone, open Keyman app and then switch to the keyboard you want to use on DeX, say “Khmer Angkor”
  5. On your PC in Samsung DeX window, open any app you would like to type (using your PC physical keyboard) into and the output would be in Khmer.

Here what what you see in Samsung DeX:

Here is what you see on your Android:

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I can’t choose system keyboard to Keyman. I’m using samsung dex in my samsung galaxy tab s7 tablet, not in PC. And using bluetooth keyboard as a physical keyboard.

In that case, you may want to do step #4 before you switch over to Samsung DeX. One unnecessary inconvenient behavior I can anticipate is that you may have to get out of DeX and repeat the step each time you want to change the keyboard.

Please be aware that Keyman is not fully supported in Samsung DeX. Use it at your own risk.

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Yes. It is so inconvenient. The output is keyman similar but not exactly. :crazy_face:

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Can you elaborate it in details? What do you mean when you say “not exactly”? The keyboard should work as if you were typing it on PC because the desktop layout is in use.

I am from Myanmar and I use Myanmar Language. I am using two physical keyboard at the moment. One is Keyman and the other is called External Keyboard Helper. I can type myanmar language by these two physical keyboard apps. I did as you said in step #4 but the output is the same from external keyboard helper. In samsung dex, external keyboard helper doesn’t work too.

I’m sorry that you have to go through this.

Before switching over to DeX, have you changed the keyboard to the one you want to use? For the time being, it is not possible to change the keyboard once you are in DeX.

If possible, please record your screen showing how this happens. Upload it to your Google Drive or any similar services and send it over.

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Please feel free to reply to this if you still experience this issue, but it is marked as resolved for now.