Using Keyman Greek keyboard in Accordance Biblical Software

My Keyman keyboard works in the shared google docs and in Word, but now the “pi” key is not functioning in Accordance. It has turned into a paragraph symbol and drops out when I try to search for a word that begins with “pi”. If I type pi alpha, the dictionary starts looking for words beginning with alpha. Any insights greatly appreciated.

Can you tell us the name of the Greek keyboard you are using?

It is the Galaxie Biblescript Mnenomic Greek/Hebrew keyboards, but I’m only using the Greek one at the moment.


Hi Lorna,

I’m not sure if the message below reached you or not.


Yes, thanks. I’m not going to be able to look at this until Monday. Those keyboards haven’t changed at all in several years though, so it might be an implementation issue that someone else will need to look at.

Katharine, I see from an email you sent that you are using Keyman on a Mac. I’ve asked @TomB to investigate this for you as it would seem to be a compatibility issue with Accordance rather than a problem specific to the Greek keyboard.

Thanks so much.