Using Keyman 15.0.74 for typing Burmese

I use Keyman 15.0.74 and W10. When I work in Office 365 or in any Browser, I have no problem in typing Burmese with Keyman. But when I need to type Burmese on a online CAT tool (such as memsource) my typed Burmese symbols often disappear or got corrupted. The same happens when I try to type Burmese in TRADOS.

Hello and welcome the community site @vermakl,
To try and assist you further can you please provide some more information?

What is the Browser name and version number with the online CAT tools?
For example Google Chrome: 108.0.5359.99

With Memsource, I presume the project is set up where the expected language is Burmese. I can see that the tool can be configured to offer some assistance with machine learning engines. Are these turned on for your project? This is just a thought that it maybe interfere with the text input processing from Keyman.

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Dear Ross,

Sorry for my late reply.

I suppose you have no knowledge of Burmese language, how to type Burmese symbols.

Therefore, I do not know how to explain my problem with typing Burmese on TRADOS or Memsource.

I am not a technician in the IT field, but I have a MTech. (Honors) Degree in another field.

I have been an active Burmese Translator for the last 52 years and started using computers for translation from 2008.

Typing Burmese using a keyboard is not an easy job because we have to put a lot of symbols around an alphabet.

For many years we did not have an input language in Windows. To type Burmese text, we had to use an app which could substitute English symbols into Burmese symbols.

I do not remember how I found the Keyman keyboard (input method) but it seems I have been using Keyman for the last 14 years. There was a moment when I bought the Keyman Desktop version some 7 years ago.

The Keyman Input method for Burmese has some special features to make easier Burmese typing.

Starting from Windows 10, Windows introduced its own Burmese Keyboard and its own Burmese font - Myanmar Text. With Windows 10 we got an input keyboard for Burmese language.

In fact, that Burmese keyboard from Windows is a keyboard which uses a quite different, from Keyman keyboard, layout. And they use slightly different typing sequences for Burmese.

Up to 2020 I did not notice any problem in typing my Burmese text anywhere (in a Browser, using Memsource web version, TRADOS etc.). For some reason I was forced to buy TRADOS in 2017. I was using TRADOS a lot and for typing my Burmese, I was using Keyman Input method all the year. But, from 2021 I found that typing Burmese with Keyman became a problem in TRADOS. At the same time, I found that typing Burmese using Keyman became impossible. In both (TRADOS, Memsource web version) cases my typed Burmese symbols very often, not in all cases, will get corrupted or shortened. If I use a Windows keyboard my Burmese text will display correctly. But I am not used to the layout and typing sequences of Windows; my fingers know the old sequences from Keyman. I am not going to train my fingers to those new sequences because of that problem.

Once I had my own licensed TRADOS, I had quite a lot of communication with Technical Support from TRADOS. Finally, I was told that their TRADOS follow those same sequences which are accepted by Windows.

For my orders I am forced to use TRADOS and Memsource or other online CAT tools all of which follow the same Windows rules. When I am forced to use them, I shall use my Keyman (Version 15.0.274) in my usual manner and when my text begins to corrupt, for that part, I shall change to Windows Burmese input method (Burmese visual input) to finish that problematic part. Then, I shall again change to Keyman.

I feel that all mentioned abnormal problems arise because all the above mentioned TRADOS, Memsource etc. are using the input rules from Windows. When those rules go against the Keyman rules and sequences, my typed Burmese text not corrupted or disappears.

I would like to show you some examples of those problematic behaviors, but I do not know how to do it!

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Hello Aun,
Thank you for this detailed description. I have sent you a private message to discuss the possibility of video call to help solve these issues you are having.

An issue has been rased to track this work bug(windows): Backspace cluster issue with TRADOS and Memsource · Issue #8134 · keymanapp/keyman (

Dear Ross,

I tried to contact the Technician (ana-maria) from TRADOS but it was not successful. My old case is already closed. Another reason is that I am living in Russia which is now a banned country!
Her name is ana-maria from
I wanted to raise a new conversation in the TRADOS Community but again when they came to know that I am living in Russia, I could not login!!


Ok thank you for this feedback. My inquiry to them resulted in saying they were not in a position to help as I am not paying for a Support and Maintenance agreement. I will try again on this email address you have supplied.

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