Using IPA keyboard with a non-US keyboard


I recently downloaded Keyman to input IPA, but I am having a problem using my “base” keyboard, which is a QWERTZ (German) layout. For example, when I input y= to get a front, near-close, unrounded vowel, instead z) is shown.

Using search, I found a similar question where the problem was resolved, but the operating system there was Linux. Currently, I am (hopefully temporarily) using Windows.

I tried to adapt the information in the first answer anyway, by opening the Keyman configuration (via the Start menu, scrolling down to K), opening the “Options” tab, scrolling down to “Advanced”, but it already says “Base Keyboard: Deutsch”. I even tried resetting to English and back to German, but it didn’t help either.

Can someone help me out? Remembering all the differences between US and German keyboards by heart or using a printed PDF of a US keyboard is a littlte tedious :wink:


I think with Windows you can try this:
Right click on your Keyman icon in the right side of the Windows toolbar, and choose “Configuration”,

In that dialog choose “Options” in the left column, then choose “Base Keyboard” at lower right. Choose the desired German keyboard from that list, hopefully that will solve the problem.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I’ve already tried that.

Your screenshot shows exactly the dialog window I was trying to describe toward the end of my post. It says “Base keyboard: Deutsch” there on my computer, which seems to be correct.

The other solutions in that Linux post (manually replacing /home/<user>/.local/share'/keyman/sil_ipa/sil_ipa.kmx with the provided de_sil_ipa.kmx) are very Linux specific. I have no idea how to go about doing that under Windows.

It sounds like you are already doing the right thing then, @MRegine. The instructions for Linux are not really pertinent for Windows.

Could you send us a diagnostic report following the instructions at so we can look a little deeper at what’s going on?

Hello Marc,

I have generated the report and tried to send it, however I am getting an error: “The report was not successfully sent. Username must end with a letter or a number”.

Since my username does end with a letter, and I cannot yet add attachments here because I am a new user, I don’t know how to send it to you.

Screenshot 2022-02-01 205234

[image removed for privacy reasons]

Okay, I am not sure why that error is arising. You may be able to save the diagnostic report to your machine, and then attach it in a private message to me here on the forum.