Using Bloom books in RAB, only one image per page shows up in the app

When importing Bloom books into RAB and converting them to a picture story book, it seems that only one illustration on any given page will be displayed in the app. Is there a way to display a more complex page (with multiple images and/or multiple text boxes) accurately in the app? Also, is there a straightforward way to include the cover and credits pages as they appear in the Bloom book?

Hi Bruce,
The current import you are using works for only the most simple of Bloom books, and it works by converting the bloom book into a different format (SFM?). There is an initial capability now in RAB to keep the Bloom Digital (.bloomd) book whole, but Richard is now working to update that to the latest Bloom Player engine (the same one used on the web and in the Bloom Reader 2.0 app). We’re hopeful that in the next few months, we’ll see WYSIWYG with .bloomd books in RAB, including talking, motion, sign language, quizzes, games, books for the blind, language switching, complex layouts, and comics. So hang in there, it’s coming!